A Fun Night Spent with my Church Family!

When I first came to CityChurch in 2009 (yes, I remember the old scramble to get set up at 11:30 am each Sunday morning!), the main thing that made me decide it was worth making the 15-minute drive from my home in north Charlotte to this church family was the sense of community I felt the minute I walked in the front doors for the first time.

I had a reminder of that same feeling this past Friday night when a crowd of us from CityChurch simply hung out together at Kickstand, a delicious burger joint in our church’s community. We call this type of gathering that we do several times a year a CityChurch Night Out. And that’s exactly what we do- we go out and enjoy food and laughter together. The setting at Kickstand was just right and the appetizers were delicious, but the thing I enjoyed most was chatting it up with people whom I consider my second family. It was so refreshing to spend quality time with them, meet some new people, and talk with the pastors and staff like regular friends. This experience reminded me that we’re all just ordinary people at CityChurch with something very special in common, loving Jesus together as a church community.

It might have been gloomy weather that night, but inside Kickstand was a loud church family with all smiles right when I walked through the front doors!