We are a team-led church. We believe that church life is best when everybody gets to play, has a chance to grow and to use their gifts.

Servant Leaders here to help

Our staff oversee the day to day running of the church. They are committed to helping people connect with God, find community and grow in faith and giftings.


Mark Bailey

Life Groups

Marié Bailey


Lynsey Berry

Family Ministries/Communications

Brenda Allison

Pastor Team

Administrative Assistant

Marissa Adams

Student Leader

Cory Meigs

Bookkeeper / Financial Admin

Winn Elliot

Building Manager

Tim Artis

Support Team

Mark & Marié Bailey

Bob & Tamara Burdon

Scott & Denise Schockley

We are all about teams

The role of the Senior Leadership Team is to provide spiritual oversight to the church. The team is made up of lead pastors, and “eldership couples.”

The Ministry Leadership Team is made up of people responsible for one or two areas of church life and are accountable to the rest of the team to raise up leaders and teams and empower them to do Kingdom work.

Senior Leadership Team

Ministry Leader – Events

Michelle Kline


Yohan Yoo

Racial Reconciliation

Jamar & Allyson Valentine

Ministry Leadership Team

Life Groups

Steve & Dawn Guptil

Divorce Care

Keara Williams & Tina Berens

Tech Team

Brian Morrow

20’s & 30’s

Abby Morton