Our Beliefs

They are the foundation for everything else.


Our beliefs are are the core of who we are. Rooted in Scripture and centuries of Christian thinking, our beliefs profoundly influence everything about us: how we interact, worship, teach, and encourage each other as part of a community. While we recognize that there are non-essential matters about which Christians may disagree, we believe the following matters of biblical doctrine are of “first importance” and essential for Christians:

The Trinity: God, Three in One

God who is infinitely perfect, infinitely great, and infinitely good. God exists eternally in three different and distinct persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—who share the same divine nature, power and authority.

The Father: God Is Love

We believe in a good God of perfect love and grace. God is all knowing, ever present, unchanging, and completely worthy of our trust and love. We believe in God’s sovereignty in creating, sustaining, ruling, redeeming and judging the world.

Jesus, the Son: Fully God, Fully Man

Jesus is the incarnation of God’s eternal Son—simultaneously divine and human, but without sin. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to Mary, a young virgin girl. He lived a sinless life and died a gruesome death. He is God’s only plan for our salvation, and in Him we can have eternal life.

The Spirit: Active in the World Today

We believe in the power and the ministry of the Holy Spirit today. The Spirit is eternally God, with the Father and Son from the beginning. The Spirit reveals sin in our lives, assures us of our relationship with Christ, empowers us with spiritual gifts, and guides us in our walk to be more like Jesus.

Salvation: God’s Plan for Us

Through His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ provided the only way for us to be reconciled to God. By dying, Jesus paid the price for our sin. By rising , He made a way for us to have eternal life. Salvation is God’s gift and cannot be earned.

The Bible: God’s Inspiration

The Bible is God’s Word to all people and the final point of authority for Christians. Human authors wrote the Bible under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God speaks to us through Bible, even today. The Bible is completely relevant to our lives.

The Church: God’s Family

The global Church is a community of believers, not a location. The Holy Spirit empowers the Church so we can worship God, proclaim the gospel, and share God’s love and redemption with a broken world. We remain committed to the Great Commission and being God’s agents of reconciliation.

Eternity: The Next Chapter

We believe that Jesus will return to this world again as a final act to complete His work of redemption. Just as Jesus was resurrected from the dead, we believe that those who have faith in him also will be raised to eternal life with God. The choices we make today impact our eternal destiny.

We believe that God responds and speaks to us when we pray.
We believe that God responds and speaks to us when we pray.

Engaging with God

Believing in God is wonderful. Meeting Him is better!

Our beliefs drive us, but they’re just the beginning. We believe that church can be about encountering God and letting Him transform us from the inside out. We hope that when you visit us you’ll leave changed by an experience with God, not with an action list of things to make you a better Christian. We hope you’ll experience God in the worship, the talks, and through prayer ministry. Everything we do is aimed at helping us grow in relationship with God.

Impacting Others

Things get real when our beliefs become action.

Our beliefs ring hollow when we do not back them up with action. We believe that the Bible outlines clear principles and values for living as individuals and as a community. We commit to modeling our lives on those biblical values and encouraging others to do the same. We don’t pretend to have everything figured out, and so we embrace a little bit of messiness. But we also take seriously our calling to encourage one another towards growth in relationship with God.


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