Our Story

The story of CityChurch begins in London, England.


When a Charlotte businessman visited a contemporary Anglican church in the heart of London, he was so taken by what he saw that he invited the church’s leader to give a series of talks at his own traditional church in Charlotte.

That visit began a relationship between a thriving London church and a handful of Charlotte families that gradually became a church plant in 2007. That plant is CityChurch.

Starting in Al and Niki’s kitchen, CityChurch quickly grew into a warehouse in uptown Charlotte, later sharing a building with another church. In 2013, we purchased our current building, and the Plaza Midwood neighborhood has become our home.

As we have grown, much has changed since those first days. But those unique elements that first interested a Charlottean visiting London have not changed, and they continue to draw people to CityChurch today.

Our services are deliberately informal with an emphasis on encountering God through worship, hearing God’s Word, and responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They are authentic, powerful, determinedly “religion free” and a lot of fun to be at. Really.

Most importantly, our services are all about making space for people to experience God for themselves. We believe God is in the business of changing lives. We only make the introduction.

Along with that original church in London (now, St Mary’s Church London), we are part of a network of churches that share the same DNA.

We share our DNA with a network of churches based in London, UK.
We share our DNA with a network of churches based in London, UK.


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St. Mary's Church, London, UK
St. Mary’s Church, London, UK

Our Network

Committed to mutual support and common values

St Mary’s
London, UK

River City Church
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Ocean City Church
Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA

The Garden
Long Beach, California, USA

St Paul’s
Auckland, New Zealand

Exeter Network Church
Exeter, UK

King’s Cross Church
London, UK

Marburg, Germany


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