Our Vision

It’s what makes us unique.


Our culture and values are the framework for how we do things and are a huge influence on our mission. Although we tend to be easygoing, these are things we take pretty seriously!


Our vision is to
be a lighthouse…

Lighthouse_Color_with Words

Building a Truly Engaging Community: We want to have a hugely diverse congregation and to be a place where anybody can find friendship, belonging, and ultimately a church family! We believe in having fun together, and so we organize lots of ways for each of us to spend time with one another.

Engaging in Courageous Evangelism: We are excited about finding ways to connect and build genuine relationships with those who do not yet know Jesus. Courageously, we will reach out beyond the walls of the church and seek whenever possible, to invite people to come and visit with us.

Enabling Life Changing Encounters with God: We believe that nothing is more powerful than when we encounter God. We therefore seek to have many occasions when we can intentionally meet with God and be impacted by Him. In our services, in prayer and in worship…our goal is to meet with Him and be changed!

Committed to Impactful Outreach: Our heart and goal is to be a blessing to our city and to make a difference to those in need around us. Through genuine and active partnerships with local organizations, we remain committed to getting involved and having a lasting impact!

Facilitating Genuine Discipleship: Ultimately, our goal is to help each other grow in faith and learn to follow Jesus as He leads us into life. We provide a variety of ways for each of us to grow in this way so that together we find the freedom and life that the bible promises us.

We believe that
church should be …


God knows everything about us anyway, so we don’t see the point in trying to impress. We believe it’s important to come to God as we are, no matter how messy that might be.


God’s desire is to be in relationship with us, so that’s our focus, too. A key part of our mission is to help people connect with God and to encourage them to grow in community.

Religion Free.

We are passionate about connecting with a God who loves us, not being religious. We know we are accepted by Him and therefore desire to follow Him, not reduce Him to a list of rules to earn our salvation.


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