Celebration of Worship

Experiencing God Berry 1

We have a huge desire for our church family to be people who love worship! And as we look back over the past couple of years, we recognize that God is on the move in our worship department with the arrival of our amazing Worship Director, Lynsey Berry, and the growth in our worship team.

Our worship team does a fantastic job leading us to meet intimately with Jesus as we sing songs of praise together on a Sunday morning. But they don’t stop there! This team is also leading us by creating a culture of worship throughout our church and teaching us why it is such an important part of following God. They even created CityChurch’s very first EP, which consists of 5 of our church’s favorite worship songs. To appreciate all of these gifts that God is doing in this area of our church, we focused our last Experiencing God on a Celebration of Worship.

It was an amazing night where we celebrated the gift worship with a talk from Lynsey, the release of our EP, and of course plenty of time to worship and have prayer ministry. The team once again showed us how powerful being in the presence of Jesus is and how opening ourselves to the work He wants to do in our lives is a gift that we all need and should go after!

And in CityChurch fashion, we ended the night with a party! Cupcakes and sparkling cider were enjoyed as we toasted to our new EP and the future plans God has for our worshipful church. If you would like to listen to Lynsey’s talk as she shares her story becoming a Worship Director, why she is so passionate about worship, and what the Bible says about it please click on the link above.