Interest-Based Groups

Summer 2019 Semester


Interest-Based Groups are groups that center around common interests or activities such as hobbies, men and women-specific events, life stage, discussion topics, etc. These groups meet at various times and frequency. IBGs provide opportunities to connect with more people at CityChurch, invite neighbors or co-workers, and enjoy what you enjoy!

Money Smarter 1.0: A 4-Week Personal Finance Course

Leader(s): Don Kelly, Justin Lee, Jill Miller & Kim White

It is hard to balance a l the conflicting demands on your money – your responsibilities, your social life, and your future desires. MONEY SMARTER can help! We will learn to: 1) identify your financial values,
2) use your money more intentionally,
3) balance the financial demands of life,
4) live life NOW and save for LATER, and
5) take positive steps toward financial stability.

When: Every other Tuesday beginning June 25, 6:30-8p
Location: CityChurch (lounge), 2300 McClintock Rd., Charlotte

Women’s Ministry

Leader(s): Allison Cafaro

The women’s ministry is a group that hosts various social gatherings or events throughout the year for the purpose of deepening friendships and faith among women at CityChurch! These include brunches, discipleship events, worship nights, and more.

When: Varied times throughout the year
Location: Varied

Running Group

Leader(s): Al Hardy

This is an informal group for anybody interested in having the chance to run with others. The hope is we shall get to know each other a bit, encourage one another and have some fun! We communicate by group text (so anybody could suggest a run at any point) but principally, we meet at 9:00am on Saturday mornings, rotating around each others homes so we can run different routes. You can run with folks of your own pace but we will all gather together at the end for refreshment. The hope is that by May we can all encourage each other to enter a race and see how we have improved!!

When: Saturdays (generally), 9am
Location: Different locations each week!

20’s and 30’s

Leader(s):Amy Rognstad

Our 20s & 30s ministry is driven by the desire of young adults to build a community where we can help each other grow in relationship with God. Our simple goal is to strengthen and encourage one another to step out in faith, grow in our gifts and further God’s kingdom… and to have fun while doing it!

When: Sunday lunch (after 2nd service) + other varying events during month
Location: Varied

Tennis Group

Larry Rann

I’ll be teaching beginners to play tennis and others who play already should join too! In addition to tennis, the group will also have a prayer focus and time be allotted each gathering to pray together.

When: Saturdays @ 2pm
Location: Veteran’s Park

CityChurch Velo (cycling!)

Bob Burdon

City Church Velo is a group devoted to meeting
everyone’s cycling needs, from the competitive athlete wanting to
race to the person that wants to enjoy a gentle meander on a
sunny afternoon! We will meet together but pace is individual
preference. Our motto is “riding together is safer and a lot more
fun’! We will base our riding on the Queens University Circuit and
finish with off with a social time of carbohydrates of choice! For
safety reasons, this group is for adults/teens only, Helmets

When: Varied Saturdays
Location: Queens University Circuit

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Dinner Out

Our simple goal is to strengthen and encourage one another to step out in faith, grow in our gifts and further God’s kingdom… and to have fun while doing it!


One Service June 23-September 1st (10 am)