It’s what we were created to do.


Worship is all about intimacy and encountering God. It’s fundamental to who we are as Christians. It’s not about the band, or even about the songs. It’s about meeting with God.

Worship is our offering to God, and we use worship as a way to draw close to Him. Because we place such a high value on worship, we believe it should be something everyone can participate in. We typically use songs that are easy to learn and sing, and that people may already know.

But we also believe we are worshiping the original Creator, and that worship is a matter of the heart as much as the mind, so we love creativity. Our worship experiences are designed intentionally to draw us away from focusing on ourselves to focusing on God. After all, it’s about God, not about us.

Our musicians, vocalists, and technical volunteers come from within our church community, and we love for people with these gifts to have an opportunity to use them—whether at Sunday services or anywhere else.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Worship Band or Tech Team, we would love for you to contact our worship director Lynsey Berry at lynsey@citychurchcharlotte.com.


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Experiencing God (2)

You can now listen to our church’s EP, Worship from CityChurch Charlotte, from our site. These songs are favorites that we sing on Sunday mornings and capture the kind of worship culture that we are going after as a church.


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