20s & 30s

Young adults sharing life together to experience God.


Our 20s & 30s ministry is driven by the desire of young adults to build a community where we can help each other grow in relationship with God. Our simple goal is to strengthen and encourage one another to step out in faith, growing in our gifts and furthering God’s kingdom.

20s & 30s Lunch

Come to lunch with us any Sunday after church! Seriously, we have a group heading out to lunch most Sundays after church. After that, maybe you’ll want to join one of the 20s & 30s small groups or come to Experiencing God with us. Once you get to know us, you may even want to become part of the planning team, a small group leader or start something else you’re passionate about. Heaven’s the limit . . . er, the target.


We ALWAYS have something going on! Check out the Events page for more info.

More info?

Want to know more or to get involved?! Please contact us at 20sand30s@citychurchcharlotte.com

20s & 30s Facebook Page