Plugging In

Republished Blog Post

There was an article in the paper recently about a guy who invented a gadget to keep cords plugged into wall sockets from unplugging.  Having a device unplug at an inopportune moment can be really annoying, so that little gadget could prove helpful.  Others must have thought so as well, because it won an award for best new product at a hardware show.

We’ve all had those moments too, where we become unplugged…from work, friends, family…rather like drifting off into our own little bubble.  What tends to draw us back is not a gadget, but some sort of connection, a phone call, a smile, a chance to feel needed.

At CityChurch, we are big on connections…Michelle Thorne said recently that CityChurch is a place where “everybody gets to play”.  My take on that is that we are all important, we all have talents to share, and there are ways for all of us to contribute to the life of our church.

To play (or plug in) at CityChurch all you need to do is to volunteer.  There are tons of ways to do that, ranging from cutting up those yummy pastries we consume every Sunday…to rocking a baby…to rocking out with the kids as they sing and play their way through the awesome new curriculum…to putting out signs…to making coffee…to…well, you get the idea.

Volunteering here is more than a “to do” list…for me, it’s a chance to have fun, meet new friends, to learn new things, blow bubbles, play with babies and generally help run more smoothly. Also, volunteering is not an every Sunday, all the time, forever and ever kind of thing.  Jill can help you find a time and opportunity that is just right for you.

So, think about it.  Don’t you just love to feel like you’ve helped in a small way?  Don’t you love it when someone smiles at you, or hugs you, or says thanks?  Don’t you love it when you get to feel part of something bigger than yourself?  If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for???? Every one has some way to help and the more of us that plug in and play, the more fun we have!  Who needs a gadget to stay plugged in? Become a CityChurch volunteer!