Message: “Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “Beauty From Ashes.” In this talk, Al considers what God is doing in the area of Racial Reconciliation. Looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan we ask: What is God’s perspective? What does it mean to be a good neighbor? How can we all take steps toward greater reconciliation in our society today?

Al Hardy - January 31, 2021

Making Way for More

On this Vision Sunday, Al shares his conviction that God is preparing CityChurch for a lot more of His Kingdom, His life and His work in the months ahead. Looking at Exodus 18, he explains why that is and invites each of us to find the part God has for us in what is taking place.

Scripture References: Exodus 18:13-1326

From Series: "Beauty From Ashes"

Our God is a God who will bring always bring beauty from ashes. In this series we will focus on some of the amazing things He has done in our midst in spite of the chaos of 2020. By reflecting on the truth of that we will encourage folks to get involved as we expect Him to continue to bring beauty from ashes in 2021!

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