Message: “Freedom..What Freedom?” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “Too Good To Be True.” Jesus’ dramatic promise that we will be truly free can often remain elusive to us. In the first of our new series ‘Too Good To Be True’ we define exactly what that freedom is, why we often miss it and practically what we can do to step more fully into it.

Josh Meadows - September 27, 2020

God Never Stops Desiring Us, Ever

As humans we get comfortable when blessing comes, so much so that we are quick to forget WHO it came from. Our actions have consequences, but that consequence will NEVER be God giving up on us.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 29:10-14

From Series: "Too Good To Be True"

The things the Bible tells us about who we are in Christ are truly incredible. So incredible in fact that often people think they are simply too good to be true. The purpose of this series is to remind people that they are indeed true and to help them lay hold of those truths!

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