Message: “How to Deal with Anxiety” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “Stress[less].” As we start our new series’Stress [Less]’, we look at God’s solution for our anxiety. In this talk, we look at what that solution is, how to put it into practice in our lives and the impact it will have on us as we do!

Mark Landon - September 22, 2019

Slowing Down to Power Up

While Al was away speaking at River City Church in Jacksonville, FL this weekend we got the pleasure of hearing from Mark Landon. This week Mark tackles the topic of sabbath and the importance of resting.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 19:1-18

From Series: "Stress[less]"

In this series, Al shares what the bible calls the secret of being content. This secret embraces all talks in the series and presents us with an invitation to pursue Stress[Less] as a lifestyle. It’s God’s plan for you… do you want it? Listen to this series to find out more about how you too can have it.

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