Message: “Overcoming the World” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “A Month of Love.” Loving God and obeying His commands is hard. As we finish our series in 1 John, Al shows us what it means to overcome the world and challenges us to recommit ourselves to loving God and obeying His commands.

Al Hardy - June 7, 2020

Rebuilding Your Altar

This week we look at Ezra 3, where the Israelites rebuild the altar in Jerusalem. This text has profound implications because each of us is a temple for the Spirit. What does it mean for us to rebuild our own altars?, why is this the first thing we should do? and what will happen as we do?

Scripture References: Ezra 3:1-16

From Series: "re.or.i.ent"

:to find one's position again in relation to one's surroundings

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