Message: “To The Margins” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “Beauty From Ashes.” As we continue to unfold our Vision for 2021 Al talks about the opportunities we have to help those in need. By looking at Jesus’ encounter with Bartimaeus, we see God’s call to hear the cry from ‘the margins’ as well as His call to follow Jesus to ‘the margins.’

Please enjoy the UK Blessing to close our service out this morning! We hope you receive this blessing over you and your family.

Al Hardy - January 3, 2021

The Great 2021 Gift Exchange!

Jesus brings us 'Beauty from Ashes'. As we start 2021 Al reflects on that profound truth and shares an exciting vision for the year ahead in which Jesus is us to the 'great gift exchange' - our ashes for the beauty that He brings!

Scripture References: Isaiah 61:1-3

From Series: "Beauty From Ashes"

Our God is a God who will bring always bring beauty from ashes. In this series we will focus on some of the amazing things He has done in our midst in spite of the chaos of 2020. By reflecting on the truth of that we will encourage folks to get involved as we expect Him to continue to bring beauty from ashes in 2021!

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