Message: “Week 3” from Lynn Craig

A message from the series “Kingdom Foundation Classes.” Often times Jesus would begin a parable teaching with the words, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” This week our study looked at several parables in the New Testament and what Jesus said in these parables about the Foundations of the Kingdom.

Lynn Craig - August 22, 2020

Week 5

During the previous Kingdom Foundations classes we have been learning about the Goodness of God, the Faithfulness of God, His Redemptive nature and Relationship with Him.  In Class 5 we see what our response as believers should be to these Foundations.  We look at the importance of studying the Word of God, Prayer, Fasting, Worship and the Baptism of the Spirit.

From Series: "Kingdom Foundation Classes"

Lynn Craig, who oversees the Ministry Team, hosted Kingdom Foundations classes over the summer. These classes were designed to give us a better understanding of the Kingdom culture. As disciples of Christ, it is this Kingdom culture we are to be expanding in the earth. Throughout these Classes you will see how God loves us and how He can show up in extraordinary ways as you uncover His heart throughout the entire bible.

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