The Ministry Team

Republished Blog Post

Equipment – the essential element of playing a game. Whether it is poker or hockey, getting into the game requires equipment. Equipment is a means to an end. The baseball bat, for example, is a tool used by players to put the ball in play, or preferably over the fence. Players will use many different bats over their careers and sometimes even switch in the same game.

In January of 2008, Matthew and I came to a church “where everyone gets to play.” I was excited. Where did I want to play? Where did I want to contribute to the Kingdom? I have been involved in a few different things, but most recently I am really enjoying the Ministry Team.

At CityChurch we believe that God is alive and wants to speak to us. Each Sunday morning before the service we hold a Ministry Team meeting where we worship, read the Bible, share, pray, and most importantly, listen. Each of these things is designed to answer one question. What does God want to speak to us today about specifically?

In these meetings I used to sit and think about being the best for God. I tried to listen hard, pray hard, and sing loud. I was giving it my all. I wanted to be effective.

But that was a lot of pressure. I was, and still am, convinced that I can’t do anything apart from Christ. So, I got a bit discouraged. Hearing God was new to me and difficult for me. I felt like I was trying to speak Chinese to a Russian child while visiting the moon. It was all so foreign.

As time passed, and as I have kept attending the meetings and learning, the Lord changed me.

This week we read Luke 9:1-6. Jesus sends out His disciples to do things that they (in and of themselves) cannot do. Why would He do that? That is like telling the bat to hit a home run. We talked about it and shared several possible answers, but what stuck out to me the most was that God was confident that those disciples were the right equipment because of the One using them.

What a relief! What a great encouragement and reminder that God is the one who does the work. This is what it means to be on the Ministry Team. God can use you. You can be used for God, and you can do this alongside others who believe that they too get to play and be a part of advancing the Kingdom.

After lots of practice, praying for people no longer feels so foreign. Now, it feels like I am simply Babe Ruth’s bat. I am not the one doing the work, but I am an instrument God uses for His glory.

I invite you. Come play with us Sunday mornings at 10am.