We are always looking for people who would like to partner with us and help take care of our church family.


The CityKidz team helps us to provide a relevant and engaging experience for all our children. We need people to love and care for babies and toddlers, people to lead preschool and elementary small groups, storytellers, worship leaders, actors, greeters and more!


Our volunteer teams are a great way to connect with others and to serve at the same time. We think it’s important that we partner together and share in the work God has for us as a community. As well, we want people to be released into the gifts God has given them, serving in areas that complement their talents and passions.

Engage Students

Engage Students are for kids in middle and high school. Engage meets each Sunday after worship for a time of community, games and Bible study. Word has it most Sundays there are donuts – and the debate continues: Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’? We’d love your help to settle this and to be a mentor to our students, just by showing up, listening and providing Biblical guidance.

Welcome Team

The Welcome team is the backbone of the friendly, warm reception that we give our guests each Sunday. Whether preparing the morning’s coffee, answering questions or simply introducing themselves to first time visitors, the Welcome Team is a great place to meet people, have fun and love the community.

Tech Team

Our Tech Team works together to produce a seamless service, managing all Sunday morning production elements such sound, visuals and video. You don’t have to be an expert, just willing to learn. Although, if you were an expert, you’d be an answer to prayer.

Worship Arts

Our band uses music to create environments where we can encounter God in an intimate way. Our musicians and vocalists come from within our church community and we love for people with these gifts to have a chance to use them. While our focus is on worship and not performance, we do still strive to bring God a quality offering.

A Great Partnership

We value partnering together to share in the work God has for us. We want people to be released into the gifts God has given them, serving in areas that complement their talents and passions