Sacred Heights Prayer – 40 Days of Faith

Each fall, we take a period of 40 days to intentionally elevate our hope and faith in God through practical applications such as stepping out and using our gifts. One of our own, Patrice Gopo who is gifted at writing, wrote this beautiful prayer for our church family as we continue to grow in our relationship with God and step into his calling in our lives.


Sacred Heights

From where we stand
With our feet sinking into this earth
We long, Lord
We long for mountain tops
Amidst thick clouds
So far from this world

Instead we linger here among the ordinary
Amidst tired lands
And murky waters
A place
Where bodies break
Where human beings are sold
Where wars destroy lives and crush hope
Where the lonely live among us and are us

So we long for the world You intended, not the world that is

Lift us up, say us who are the weary ones
Lift us up, say us who dream of a transformed earth
Lift us up, say us who long to ascend a Holy Mountain
Lift us up to where the air of this earth thins
To the summit of a great peak
To a place where we might grasp heaven with our bare hands

Yet, even as we long for mountain peaks, for distance from this ground
You draw us from the shadows
You lead us to Your upside down kingdom
Where the last are first
Where the weak are strong
Where threads of Your love bind together broken hearts and mend broken lands

As we love you
As we love this earth that is Yours
As we love our neighbor as ourselves
As we love ourselves as You love us
Those mountain clouds descend
Coating our skin with
A thick fog of grace

And with each inhale
The line between heaven
And earth
Blurs into a haze

Lift us up, say us who press palms on other people’s shoulders in prayer
Lift us up, say us who see injustice and whose hearts are moved
Lift us up, say us who love a stranger or accept the embrace of a friend

And, Lord, You say, Look around you
So we listen and we
Stare at rays of golden sun streaking across these lands
Stare at heaven touching earth
Stare at what it looks like from the top of Your mountain

So we say
Lord, have mercy
Christ, have mercy