Sending Love to Lebanon

In the US, it seems like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to put everyone in a state of joyful bliss…Christmas music is playing on the radio, trees are transported on top of cars to be trimmed, and people are on the hunt for an ugly Christmas sweater! Indeed, there is beauty in having this sense of peace cover the entire country from every large metropolitan to small town; especially for those of us that love Jesus and can’t wait to celebrate His birth. But as we soak up the Christmas spirit during these weeks, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the world is still a dark place with much pain and sadness.

At CityChurch, we believe that our love for the people of this world goes way beyond our four walls. That’s exactly why our 20s & 30s Group at CityChurch was overjoyed when a team of young adults in Charlotte asked to use our Fellowship Hall for an event that would encourage and support a church in Lebanon that is despised by many and experiencing harsh persecution.

For the past 3 years, these young adult leaders from several churches in Charlotte have planned events each day in the first week of December called, 7 Days of Caring. These events mobilize hundreds of young adults in Charlotte to unite and serve people- from families in Charlotte in need of Christmas gifts to ladies in Uganda needing materials to make shoes as their trade.

On Day 3 of this past 7 Days of Caring, the Fellowship Hall was filled with many young adults that gathered to make handmade Christmas cards for our brothers and sisters with Hadath Baptist Church in Lebanon. This church is ministering to the thousands of refugees fleeing civil strife in the region- whether Muslim or Christian, Syrian or Kurd. These cards were specifically written with words to pierce the hearts of Hadath Baptist Church with God’s love and encourage them to keep seeking to further the Kingdom through their ministry.

Amazingly, as this group of young adults stepped out in faith together to love on others, they in return were blessed by God. There was a blessing of unity and friendship among these young adults that bonded strangers with each other. And while this event was loads of fun with classic Christmas tunes, hot chocolate, and festive decorations…the heart of this experience was sharing love to this church in Lebanon, which provided everyone with a spiritual fulfillment that is sometimes absent from Americans during this season. As the group gave of themselves and cared for God’s people, they actually received the love of God! Isn’t it so cool how God works in the lives of His children?


1 Corinthians 12:13

For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.