Serving Right in our Back Yard

I was able to lead a group who, for the first time in the life of CityChurch, took part in a “Serve Saturday” with Project 658. This event was the kick start to our partnership with this refugee ministry, which just so happens to be conveniently located right in our church’s back yard. There were 8 of us from the church who were caffeinated and ready to tackle the projects of the day on that beautiful Saturday morning in June. We drove the short 3 minute journey from CityChurch to their location (yep, you can almost see if from our church if it weren’t for the trees) and were able to meet our new “neighbors” at Project 658. After we calmed down from the surprise of how cool their building is (seriously, state of the art!), we were able to get an overview of their mission. They do a mix of really awesome and meaningful programs such as language classes, job training, clothing ministry, kids activities, and free medical care. We were able to step into a refugee’s shoes and understand the scariness and daunting hurdles that come with living in a new country as the US. In recognition of those needs, Project 658 addresses them head on with the help of community partners (that’s now us, folks)!

After a tour of the building, the leaders split our team into groups for the projects they had in store for us. We were ready to do the not-so-glamorous “honey-do” projects because that was exactly the kind of huge blessing we were able to give them, not only to just the staff but also to the refugees that continuously walk in and out of their doors each day. Some of us did a deep clean of their kitchen, others organized their storage facility, and the rest of us moved furniture outside to clean it. We were able to be befriend their thankful staff team who worked alongside us and explained the importance of what we were doing for them throughout the day. We all had a lot of fun serving in our back yard and look forward to working with our new friends down the road!