The Hearing God Show!

Having avoided church for almost 10 years, it surprised even me to be enthusiastically signing up for a 6-week “Experiencing God” series that lasted more than two hours every Wednesday evening.  I mean, Wednesday is Modern Family night!

But having nothing but incredible experiences attending Sundays at CityChurch, basking in amazing worship, feeling authentic community and soaking up the post service prayer – I decided that the 40 Days of Faith series aimed at drawing closer to God may be just what I need to take my spiritual life to the next level.  And after 10 years of skipping church, Lord knows I had a lot of catching up to do!

So, let it be known that I love Al and his teaching. He has just enough irreverence, dry humor and wit to keep my A.D.D. at bay. And he is a darn good teacher to boot.

But when Al introduced the first session as “The Hearing God Show!” he won me over for life. There is nothing I love more than when people can take a serious and eternally weighty matter and make it light, approachable, and fun.  And I couldn’t help but picture Al in a loud sports jacket, a big pompadour swoop of hair, a pencil stick microphone and a spinning wheel behind him while game show music filled the room.

(None of that actually happened. I’m just saying, I have an active imagination and that dreaded A.D.D.)

The past weeks have been life changing.  Not just for me – but for the 80 or so people who were willing to step out in faith and be open to connecting to the God of the Universe in a powerful and practical way.

I mean, who in their right mind wants to sit in a circle and quietly wait with a pen and paper and write down what they think God may be saying to the person who has volunteered to sit in the middle? It sounds crazy.

But guess what?  When we actually take God at his word and step out in faith like we did on our first night – He actually will speak to us. And that is what we witnessed all over the room when we revealed what we thought God was saying to the brave volunteer.  Person after person lighting up with that flicker of joy that comes when the supernatural becomes even a tiny bit more natural and accessible to people like you and me.

People who may have inadvertently  skipped a decade or so of church even.

It’s never too late to hear God’s voice! Won’t you try to?

Will the next contestant on “The Hearing God Show” COME ON DOWN!!