Worship Night with the 20s & 30s Group

I love worship. It’s honestly my favorite part of the life of CityChurch. For me, worshiping God through music helps me break down the inner barriers I often put up so that I can fully enter God’s presence. In response to God’s leading, I have leveraged opportunities in this season of my life to grow in leading people in worship. For the past several months I’ve been fortunate to lead worship for the 20s & 30s Group during our weekly Life Group nights. It’s been incredible being an agent for God who works through me to help people draw into His presence during our gatherings.

And just recently I was asked to stretch a bit in this role by leading the 20s & 30s Group for a Worship Night- and again it was incredible! The gist of the night included the gents surprising the girls with a dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Afterwards, the ladies had their own time of fellowship together. Likewise, the guys were able to come together for their own discussion and prayer. And then we all combined for a time of worship- for 2 hours!!!

In preparation for this night, I put together a 10 song set-list (what I thought would be plenty) and had my friend Henry (worship leader at Harvest Community Church) meet me early to practice for the evening. While others helped setup the Fellowship Hall, Henry and I setup the stage. Since I have little-to-no knowledge of sound systems he was on his own for getting our instruments and mics hooked up. An hour and a half later, everything was setup and we finally had sound coming out of the speakers- praise! At that point, people were coming down so we had to skip practice. Normally I only do around 2-3 songs by myself for a Life Group night, so doing 10 songs with someone else…having not practiced – I was stressing.

But through all the bumps and worries, God still used us. The following 2 hours were simply amazing. We ended up rolling with it and extending our time to roughly 20 songs. We had two separate feet washing stations setup in the back for girls and guys who wished to have their feet washed and to be prayed for…our night centered around the idea of serving each other like Jesus served. To be honest I didn’t have my eyes open for much of the evening, but every time I looked around more and more people were praying, being prayed for, kneeling, hugging each other and just worshiping the Lord without holding back.

I think we really had a breakthrough that night. As a group, we have been trying to go deeper in our relationships with each other and with God. That evening, people were able to let their walls down and receive what the Lord had for them. I hope and pray we can have many more nights like this. I think it’s so important to set aside time to come together in fellowship and just worship and pray with one another. God has so much more for our group and for CityChurch. I can’t wait to see what he does and to see our response to Him. And I thank Him for using little ‘ole me and growing me in this gift and renewing me with confidence and strength. It’s fun to step out and participate in what He has for me! I look ahead with excitement and hope at what He’ll do in the story of the group and in my own story.

– Justin