Who we are, what we’re doing, and why.


Our story of how we came into existence in Charlotte, our vision for how we do church, and our beliefs about God all are important to understanding who we are. But our key ingredients are our culture and people.

Our Story

Find out how a handful of Brits left London to help plant a church.

Our Staff

We’d love to you meet in person, but here’s a starter!

Our Vision

Our culture and values are what make us unique.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs serve as our compass and ground everything we do.


Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you.


Are we for you?

Do you prefer churches where:

When you arrive . . .
A. you can disappear in a large crowd, and no one ever talks to you?
B. you will be warmly welcomed, and actually meet people?
C. you will be asked to stand up in the service and introduce yourself?

During the service . . .
A. there is a full light show, dry ice and a Hollywood-quality video presentation?
B. worship is informal and contemporary?
C. they remove electrical outlets to prevent people from using instruments that plug in?

The culture is that . . .
A. they sign you up to a program/small group as soon as you walk in?
B there is a commitment to knowing and growing you as a person?
C. you can come and go for years and no one ever bothers you?

When you leave . . .
A. you are happy just to have checked the “church” box for another week?
B you feel challenged, but also excited about what God has for you?
C. you spend the rest of the day feeling badly about your imperfect life?

If your answers to the above are mostly “B,” then we could be for you!


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