Life Groups

Summer 2019 Semester


Life Groups are small to medium-sized groups that meet in people’s homes throughout Charlotte. They include bible or book studies, sharing meals, worship, prayer time, social gatherings, and service. Life groups are high commitment in nature and meet regularly during the semester. They are a great way to get connected and go deeper at CityChurch!

Burdons (Arboretum)

Leader(s): Bob & Tamara Burdon

We’re gathering a mixed group of adults (single, dating, married, whomever!). We’re excited for a community filled with laughter, growth, and love as we support each other in this next season. Let us know if you’re interested in getting plugged into the fun!

When: Every other Thursday, 7pm
Location: Arboretum, 28226

Genests/Friedrichs (Idlewild Park)

Leader(s): Greer & Michael Friedrich

We are a group of couples (dating, engaged, married, married w/ kids) who typically meet in weekly bursts to share incommunity and study the Bible together. This summer, however, we will meet periodically for social outings. New people welcome!

When: Varied
Location: Idlewild Park, 28212

Glusenkamp Life Group (Plaza Midwood)

Leader(s): Bob & Linda Glusenkamp

We are doing short 2-3 week studies over the summer with a break after each study. 

When: TBD
Location: Plaza Midwood, 28205

Warrens (Sherwood Forest)

Leader(s): Taylor & Savanah Warren

We are a mix of married, engaged, and dating couples. We always start out group with a potluck dinner each week. Then, we talk about faith, life, and what God is up to. We also love to pray! Some of our closest friendships and most tangible experiences of God have come from being in life groups. We are passionate about creating a welcoming, loving, and safe space for people to be in community and go deeper in faith and friendship.

When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Location: Sherwood Forest, 28211

Eversons (West End)

Leader(s): Mike & Beth Everson

Our Life group consists of a mix of ages and includes married couples, singles and a couple of empty nesters :-). Our goal is for the group to not just be a”Bible Study” butto be a group of brothers and sisters who love the Lord andseek to “Do Life” together. We will be taking off June and July. However, if someone is interested in our group, we will try and have some type of social get together to invite new folks in and make them feel welcome until we start back up in August.

When: Thursdays, 6:45pm (when group meets regularly)
Location: West End, 28216

Landons (Country Club Heights)

Leader(s): Mark & Jessica Landon

This is a mixed group of marrieds and singles that seeks Jesus deeply together and provides a close-knit, welcoming community.

When: Every other Friday, 6pm
Location: Country Club Heights, 28205

Crouches (Fort Mill)

Leader(s): Matt & Daynes Crouch

We will still be having group social events and meet ups through out the summer. Join us!

When: TBD
Location: Fort Mill, 29715


One Service June 23-September 1st (10 am)