Life Groups

Spring 2019 Semester


Life Groups are small to medium-sized groups that meet in people’s homes throughout Charlotte. They include bible or book studies, sharing meals, worship, prayer time, social gatherings, and service. Life groups are high commitment in nature and meet regularly during the semester. They are a great way to get connected and go deeper at CityChurch!

Burdons (Arboretum)

Leader(s): Bob & Tamara Burdon

Hello from Bob & Tamara! We’re gathering a mixed group of adults (single, dating, married, whomever!). We’re excited for a community filled with laughter, growth, and love as we support each other in this next season. Let us know if you’re interested in getting plugged into the fun!

When: Thursdays, 7pm
Location: Arboretum, 28226

Norwood (Derita)

Leader(s): Allyson Norwood

We are a group of women and men ranging in ages from late 20’s to early 40’s who meet every other Monday up in the Derita neighborhood of Charlotte. Our goal is to provide a space where we can come and enjoy a community of support and prayer while studying the Bible in a safe environment. We have gone through books of the bible in detail and have also chosen study guides to help us through a specific topic. We are looking to include more community volunteer work in this coming year and cannot wait to see what God has in store!

When: Every other Monday, 7pm
Location: Derita, 28269

Eversons (West End)

Leader(s): Mike & Beth Everson

Our Life group consists of a mix of ages and includes married couples, singles and a couple of empty nesters :-). Our goal is for the group to not just be a “Bible Study” but to be a group of brothers and sisters who love the Lord and seek to “Do Life” together. Our studies are driven by our interests and wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. We seek a fun, laid back atmosphere where any and all questions are welcome but at the same time encourage each other to go deeper with the Lord and to grow in our faith. While our group is still young compared to many in the church, our times together have already been fruitful in our individual walks with God and in building deep friendships. Please come join us, we would love to welcome you to our group!

When: Thursdays, 6:45pm
Location: West End, 28216

Genests/Friedrichs (Idlewild Park)

Leader(s): Greer & Michael Friedrich

We are a group of couples (dating, engaged, married, married w/ kids) who meet in weekly bursts to share in community and study the Bible together. We begin each gathering with a potluck style meal, spend time discussing a topic or chapter in the Bible, and end with prayer. We also meet for social gatherings sometimes in lieu of studying or for holidays.

When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Location: Idlewild Park, 28212

Whites/Curanda (Windsor Park)

Leader(s): Curt & Amanda White

The “Curanda” group is led by Curt and Amanda White. We are a married couple of 10 years looking to bless other married couples and grow in community with them. There is a wide age range among our married couples, which gives our group a fun and unique dynamic – some couples don’t yet have children, some are new parents, some have kids in grade school-college and some are blessed with grandchildren! Older children are welcome to come to this life group and hang out in our recreation room while we have study! This group is located in Windsor Park, about 10 minutes from church. We start each time together with a potluck dinner and then have a time of bible study (or study the curriculum that the church is currently doing) and prayer. As our group has grown, we have found many of us have a common interest in serving and loving the international community in Charlotte.

When: First, Second, and Third Wednesdays, 7pm
Location: Windsor Park, 28205

Warrens (Sherwood Forest)

Leader(s): Taylor & Savanah Warren

Hey everyone! Our group is a mix of married, engaged, and dating couples. We always start out group with a potluck dinner each week. Then, we talk about faith, life, and what God is up to. We also love to pray! Some of our closest friendships and most tangible experiences of God have come from being in life groups. We are passionate about creating a welcoming, loving, and safe space for people to be in community and go deeper in faith and friendship.

When: Wednesdays, 7pm
Location: Sherwood Forest, 28211

Crouches (Fort Mill)

Leader(s): Matt & Daynes Crouch

We’ll be meeting every other Sunday at 5:30pm to share a meal and fellowship with one another!

When: Every other Sunday, 5:30pm
Location: Fort Mill, 29715

Landons (Country Club Heights)

Leader(s): Mark & Jessica Landon

Every other Friday, 6pm
Location: Country Club Heights, 28205

Webers (Myers Park)

Leader(s): Rick & Karen Weber

We are a mixed group with various ages and stages. Our discussion topics range from Bible studies to current books and range from about 4-6 weeks per topic. Celebrating the end of a study with a meal is always fun, and some group activities have included walking a labyrinth and kayaking at the Whitewater Center. We are a friendly group, and you would be most welcome!

When: Tuesdays, 7pm
Location: Myers Park, 28209

Whituses (Plaza-Midwood)

Leader(s): Greg & Wende Whitus

Tuesdays, 7pm
Location: Plaza Midwood, 28205

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We begin each gathering with a potluck style meal, spend time discussing a topic or chapter in the Bible, and end with prayer. “