Life Groups

The best way to grow in your faith is by being in community with other believers.
We desire everyone who calls CityChurch home to be part of a Life Group.

Life Groups are small to medium-sized groups that meet in people’s homes throughout the Charlotte area. They include Bible or book studies, sharing meals, worship, prayer time, social gatherings, and service. Life groups are a great way to get connected and go deeper at CityChurch!

Explore our groups or contact our Life Groups coordinator Marie Bailey.

marié Bailey

Life Groups Coordinator


WEDNESDAYS 6:30 PM | Plaza Midwood, 28205

Mixed adults.

Leaders: Mark & Marié Bailey

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Life Groups and Real Community

We believe Life Groups are an essential part of our spiritual growth and we want to make every effort to support and help all to be able to be part of a group.

We recognize that this is sometimes especially hard for our younger families and the season of life with young kids. While we encourage Life Groups to include children in their gatherings, we also realize it is sometimes just best for them to be cared for by a babysitter, either on site or in their own homes. Therefore, CityChurch wants to partner with parents who need assistance in the cost of child care.

If you would like to request financial assistance in the cost of child care so that you may attend a Life Group, please fill out the above form, bring to church and place in the offering box at the back of the sanctuary.

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Wednesdays, 7:30PM | Windsor Park, 28205

We’re a group that meets weekly to study together and share life in authentic community. We have members from all walks of life (single, dating, engaged, married, married with kids).

Leaders: Greer & Michael Friedrich

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Wednesdays 7 PM | Baumbartner Home

This group is a hybird group that meets on zoom or in person in the home of Kim and Steve. It is open to everyone.

Leaders: Kim & Steve Baumgartner


Wednesday, 6 PM | Charlotte, 28212

This is a new group that is open to all ages and kids are welcome. It meets in person at the home of Greg and Christina.

Leaders: Greg and Christina Payne

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Varied Meeting Times and Locations

This group of 20s and 30s to meet together for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and to do life together. There is always plans to get together for this group!

Leaders: Julia and Mike Boris

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Thursday, 7PM (Hybrid: In person or on Zoom)
Providence Commons

An eclectic group of singles, people in their 20s and 30s, and folks who probably no longer want to reveal their ages, this group truly looks after each other, loves, prays and cares for one another. This group wants to grow in their walks with Jesus. They like studying everything from current topics pertaining to church life, to growing in Spiritual gifts, to in-depth looks at specific books of the Bible.

Leaders: Bob & Tamara Burdon

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Every Thursday at 6:30 pm

This group is kid friendly.

Leaders: Brian and Barbee Morrow

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Sunday Afternoons | Fort Mill, SC

This group meets Sunday afternoons in Fort Mill. Children are welcome and will be watched over by paid babysitters.

Leaders: Matt and Daynes Crouch

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East Charlotte

Led by Ryan and Erin Dennison this group meets in East Charlotte every other Friday.

Leaders: Ryan and Erin Dennison

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Thursdays, 6:30PM
SE Charlotte-Idlewild Road

This group is led by Ozzy and Andrea Corpus and meets Thursday at 6:30 pm in SE Charlotte-Idlewild Road. This group is a mixed group.

Leaders: Ozzy and Andrea Corpus

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Wednesdays, 7 PM | Huntersville

This group is a hybrid group that meets virtually or in person weekly and is open to all.

Leaders: Jaime and Luisa Farrell