Message: “Overwhelmed by Joy” from Peter Rasmussen

A message from the series “The Sign.” Special Guest speaker Peter Rasmussen brings us a message on “Joy” as we conclude our Experiencing God weekend

Message: “Laying Hold of the Miracle of New Life” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “The Sign.” Even though Jesus promises us ‘life to the full’ our lives often feel somewhat short of that. In this scripture, Jesus not only renews His promise of new life, but shows us exactly how this can become ever more real to us in our lives today.

Message: “The Faith That Pleases God” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “The Sign.” Have you ever had someone say when you’re facing problems, something like, “You’ve just got to have more faith!” It can be quite annoying, right? But what if Jesus is actually saying something similar to us? What kind of faith is Jesus looking for more of in us?

Message: “Turning Water into Wine” from Mark Bailey

A message from the series “The Sign.” Turning water into wine was a very significant miracle in Jesus’ Ministry. It was His first sign and it revealed who He is and why He came. There’s way more to this specific miracle than meets the eye.

Message: “The Resurrection” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “Guest Speaker.” The Resurrection was not some conjuring trick that somehow proved that Jesus was right or that He is in fact God. The Apostle Paul said the Resurrection is central to our Christian faith, saying, “if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” (1 Cor. 15:14). So did it really happen? What exactly was the Resurrection? And what does it mean for us as followers of Jesus today?

Message: “Palm Sunday: A Parable of Power” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “Guest Speaker.” The story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, which we remember as Palm Sunday, is well known to most church goers. But is there more to the events on that day than simply a crowd welcoming Jesus as Israel’s Messiah? And what can it tell us about how we relate to Jesus as King?

Message: “The Supremacy of Christ” from Tyrone Daniel

A message from the series “Guest Speaker.” In a world where there’s confusion and distraction, we need to focus on Christ… Christ in First Place, Christ our Highest Priority and Christ our deepest desire. When we turn our eyes upon Jesus – the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

Message: “A Kingdom of Priests” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “Gifted.” As we draw the Gifted Series to a close the question for us is: What do we do now with what we have learned about ourselves and our gifts? Could there be a clue when Peter talks about strange and wonderful things in which we all become a Kingdom of Priests?

Message: “The Gift of Leadership” from Mark Bailey

A message from the series “Gifted.” The Gift of Leadership is vitally needed in our generation. There are enough critical, cynical & self-centered people to go around – We need Leaders who are people of faith, who aren’t afraid of big challenges because they see an even bigger God. Christlike leadership expresses itself with humility and grace, empowering others to work together for a common purpose.

Message: “The Gift of Giving” from Mark Bailey

A message from the series “Gifted.” The “Gift of Giving” is an expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Generosity is at the center of who God is and how He saved us. Being generous is way more than giving money – we can express this gift in many creative ways.