Message: “Jesus Heals a Blind Man” from Mark Landon

A message from the series “Meeting Jesus.” In this first encounter from our new series “Meeting Jesus” we see Jesus as He sees a blind man and heals him. As that man gets to see Jesus up close and personal it changes him, and he begins to share Jesus with others.

Message: “Strength for Service” from Victoria Kowarick

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” The last part of our six week sermon series on the Book of Joshua

Message: “Grace Notes” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” The desire for significance, for our lives to actually mean something, is as human as the need for food and shelter. But what if we never get to be on the cover of Time Magazine? What if no book ever has our name on it? That’s the story of Caleb which we’re diving into this week. We’ll discover that even though he is just a ‘grace note’ in the story of Joshua, his life was still full of significance.

Message: “Regaining Lost Ground” from Josh Meadows

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” Joshua is a very tough book to read. Stories of war and mass destruction are never fun, matter of fact they can be depressing. But as we look at this week’s story, we will be reminded of a greater redemption. We will be reminded of the beauty of us being able to look at Jesus, and see who God really is.

Message: “Jericho” from Allison Bolet Cafaro

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” What if all of the disobedience, the set backs, the wondering and fear was really birthing faith in the Israelites? As they face Jericho – the only thing that separated them from the anticipated promise land – will their obedience rise so His faithfulness can shine as the walls crumble? Will they choose to complete what God had started 40 years prior and lay hold of all that God has?

Message: “When Failure Becomes Victory” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” This week we’re jumping ahead past the victory of Jericho (which we’ll hear about next week) to a significant failure in the story of Joshua. What are we supposed to make of Israel’s defeat? And what should we make of our own? This part of Joshua’s story will take us to difficult, but life-giving and ultimately victorious places.

Message: “How to Get from Here to There” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “The Book of Joshua.” As believers we know we should always be progressing in our spiritual journey. But how many times do we stop short of receiving what God wants us to have? And how do we move from where we are to where God wants us to be? For the next 6 weeks, we’re going to explore the story of Joshua and how he entered into the promises of God.

Message: “Prayers for Times of Change” from Matthew Hemsley

“Messy Church” involves competitive games (with prizes), crafts and activities. As you may have guessed, this service will be in a less organized manner than our usual services. And that’s the fun! Be prepared to sit around a table with your family, life groups or friends! We promise you will have a ton of fun as these games and activities reinforce short devotions on the topic of prayer. We will also have worship, of course.

Message: “Jesus and the ‘Out Crowd'” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “The Art of Neighboring.” Why did people who were considered disreputable, not the ‘in-crowd’, or not-the-right-kind-of-religious flock to Jesus? They clearly liked to hang out with him and frequently turned up at the parties Jesus was invited to. In this last part of our Art of Neighboring series, we explore the story of Jesus at a neighborhood party of sinners and tax collectors…definitely the ‘out-crowd.’

Message: “Fear – What is it Costing Us?” from Lynn Craig

A message from the series “The Art of Neighboring.” This week look at perhaps one of the greatest hindrances to Jesus’s command of loving our neighbor: Fear. Where does fear come from and what is it costing us to continue avoiding relationships with our neighbors? The answer may truly surprise you.