Matthew Hemsley - November 15, 2020

Would you dig a ditch for God?

Many of us feel things are happening around us that we can’t control. We long for the right outcomes and we believe nothing is impossible for God. But what is the church supposed to do when we can’t make things happen the way we want? This Sunday we look at a story from the Old Testament when Israel was in just such an impossible situation, and why God told his people to dig ditches.

Scripture References: 2 Kings 3:9-20

From Series: "Extraordinary Faith in Extraordinary Times"

Extraordinary Faith in 2020? In this series we will be looking at some of the unfolding story of Elisha. His story is truly remarkable and is certainly one of ‘Extraordinary Faith in Extraordinary Times’. By looking at how God moved in his life we want to encourage our church to have the same – Extraordinary Faith in Extraordinary Times!

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