Message: “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” from Al Hardy

A message from the series “Glimpses of Glory.” Even though most people have no idea of the purpose of their life, the Bible is clear that God has a purpose for us and wants us to walk fully in it. In this talk, we identify what our purpose is, why we tend to miss it and how we can step more into it in the days ahead.

Al Hardy - December 24, 2020

Receiving the Light of Jesus This Christmas

With Jesus' birth, the light of life came into the world. How should we respond? Jesus simply says 'You are the light of the world'. What are we to make of that? and how does that help us know how to respond to the incredible gift Jesus brings at Christmas?

Scripture References: Matthew 4:12-17, Matthew 5:14-16

From Series: "A Light in the Darkness"

This series offers an encouraging Gospel message of hope to those in places of struggle and frustration.

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