Message: “Kingdom Fire Worship” from Matthew Hemsley

A message from the series “Re-Ignite Kingdom Fire.” Worship is so much more than a couple of songs before the talk. It’s a taste of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! Because the Kingdom never advances on earth without spiritual opposition, creating space for worship is something we need to fight for, in our churches and in our lives.

Matthew Hemsley - September 13, 2020

New Identity

We all want freedom. We’re born with the urge to find it and then, once we have it, to express it. It’s part of who we are. It’s our identity. But what if that freedom was not really something we can find inside ourselves, no matter how hard we search? What if freedom was really a gift, something we need to receive, from someone?

Scripture References: 2 Timothy 1:1-7

From Series: "Too Good To Be True"

The things the Bible tells us about who we are in Christ are truly incredible. So incredible in fact that often people think they are simply too good to be true. The purpose of this series is to remind people that they are indeed true and to help them lay hold of those truths!

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